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Inexpensive websites and web pages undoubtedly are desirable from the point of view of all potential clients. Thanks to the creation and extremely dynamic development of systems supporting the construction of websites and web pages, it is actually more and more possible. One of such systems, namely WordPress, allows us to quickly develop pages while maintaining low prices. The WordPress software was created at the beginning of the first decade of this century as a content management system(CMS) and was mainly intended for simple posting of blogs. Its rapid and versatile development led to its current status, where more than one third of all websites in the web is based on this solution.

Like everything in this world, WordPress has its advantages, and we list some of them below. Here, we will only mention that good coders do not have to be afraid. Systems like WordPress greatly help to perform repetitive and relatively simple tasks. In the case of more ambitious projects, other specialized solutions must be applied. Besides, even with our simple templates (Micro and Classic menu items,) we had to resort to the “manual” introduction of some customized CSS code. This was possible thanks to our favorite WordPress plugin called Elementor Pro. Another popular plugin we use all the time use is Yoast. This one allows to optimize the content of our websites for their best possible performance in search engines (Search Engine Optimization).

There remains the question of websites, we define here as Extended. Such websites, with the task, for example, to directly acquire customers or to sell products or services, require the involvement and cooperation of professionals in numerous fields. These would be experts in SEO, Copywriting or in Internet Marketing. In these areas, we work with specialists and coordinate their activities to achieve the goal set by the client. In summary, we offer inexpensive websites and web pages, but also the extended websites for which, in our price list, we quote only the minimum charge.


It allows ongoing content management (new texts, images, forms, etc.) What is best, a client can do it. No need to call a professional.


Our websites are fully responsive. They look equally well on desktop computers, tablets and smartphones

Direct Contact

The system allows direct contact with clients. For example, based on an integrated blog feature, which will help to build your customers’ loyalty.

Foreign Languages

It is possible to build a website in several languages within one process. You can also be adding the new languages successively. Why, there is also an option of automatic translation (which we do not recommend!)


The system offers solutions to quickly launch sales over the Internet. Your website visitors can place direct orders, e.g. from their smartphones, and their orders may be automatically processed.


Your website may be easily linked to your Google Analytics account, so that you will be able to keep track of the number of your website viewers, their statistical data, as well as numerous other important parameters.

What Our Clients Say

"We had a company website made a few years ago. It turned out that it did not work on tablets and smartphones. The people from AkitaWeb quickly and efficiently made us a website that works extremely well on anything."
Stella Jovanovich
head of marketing
"Because of my qualifications, I was thinking about creating a website myself. However, in AkitaWeb they did it flawlessly, and during this time I made more money than I spent on the website."

Simon Bernstein
graphic designer
"Until now, we have been selling products through traditional channels. It is still the basis of our business, but we have invested in a professional, though inexpensive website, and we acquired quite a few new clients."
Thomas Francis
company owner

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