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The ready-made templates of websites and web pages make it possible to use the modern tools and achieve fully professional result while the prices low for our clients. They allow to estimate in advance the cost of a website or web page, provide customers with the idea of what they can expect, while helping them prepare the right content and images.

The fact that we use ready-made website and web page templates does not mean at all, that websites of our clients look the same. In each particular case, the template is only a starting point. Based on the chosen template, together with the client, we work on the final version. We adjust the layout of pages, change colors and fonts as required, introduce new solutions, like animation effects, etc. We definitely want to make certain, that websites and web pages created for our clients are utterly unique. They have to attract the eye, be informative, but also intriguing. They are, after all, showcases of what we can do.

Our standard procedure is simple. A client chooses one of the proposed templates and informs us about it. Then we send back a list of materials, texts and images, which we would expect from the client. Should there be any obstacles, we offer support in this area as part of our services SEO & Copywriting. For the micro pages, their price includes basic SEO solutions. However, it should be emphasized that in the case of single pages, one must not expect sensational results in this respect.

For the classic and extended websites we can provide professional SEO services for an additional fee. We can also recommend services of our partners, who specialize in website positioning and Internet marketing. Here a lot depends on the client’s budget and the actual needs in this area.

Ready-made templates for websites and web pages

This is a single page. Most often it is being used as the a so-called landing page, which is generally a component of wider advertising and marketing campaigns. It can also serve as the online business card of a company.

A classic website usually consists of several pages and a menu for navigation between these pages. Such a solution may, depending on the needs, fight for a good ranking in search engines (SEO). It can also be used for advertising, building relationship with the clients and even take part in the sales process.

We call an extended website anything that does not fit in the two other categories listed. These solutions will be custom-tailored to the specific needs of a particular client. From online stores, through systems for building and maintaining relationship with clients and/or contractors (CRM), online payment systems, to the management support systems (ERP.)

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