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Optimizing websites and web pages for search engines, especially for Google, is nowadays an extremely important factor.
So is positioning and writing an interesting, valuable for a reader and web-friendly content.

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As additional services, we offer your support in the positioning of your web pages, and, if required, also in writing the content.


$ 8
per page
  • 3 phrase proposals
  • Page title
  • Meta description
  • Structure of links


$ 15
per page
  • 300 to 900 words
  • 5 phrase proposals
  • Meta description
  • Structure of links


what you should know:

The relationship between page positioning and SEO can be described as follows: SEO is part of positioning; positioning is a wider concept, and the SEO is just a tool, with which the positioning goals are being achieved. SEO concerns the improvement of the website structure – including the layout of content within the web page, creation of code and its environment (e.g. incoming links), while positioning also includes a number of other activities, in addition the SEO as described above.
Perhaps considering the SEO and positioning as synonymous concepts is caused by the goal that both, SEO and positioning, aim to achieve. The point in both is to gain a high and stable position in the so-called natural (or organic) search results displayed by search engines. You will find more extremely valuable information on the topic here.

A common misconception is the belief, that in order to function effectively in the Internet, it is crucial to learn certain gimmicks and tricks, that will force Internet users to come to your website in shoals. Not much could be more wrong. To paraphrase a popular statement, to achieve a success, there are three components required: content, content and content once more. It is the content, that rules today. You must be able to describe your product or service in such a way, that all of the best features and benefits they bring about are clearly visible and understood. In addition, the content should not only convince your clients, but also build up your image of a professional, an expert in your field. Not to mention, the content must not contain errors or bore the reader to death. If you are not quite certain that you can handle this task, it is best to hire a professional in the field of copywriting.

SEM is the acronym of Search Engine Marketing, so we are talking about marketing actions targeted to search engines. Obviously, at the moment, the unquestionable reigning queen is Google. In this broad sense, SEM therefore includes both SEO and positioning and the content marketing. Here, however, we use this term to describe all the activities that constitute paid advertising in search engines and social networking sites. For all those companies which intend to focus their activities in the web, we highly recommend rational use of these tools. Although currently we do not provide services in this area, but we can provide some support and we will gladly recommend our reliable partners.